Avie and Sarah Arenson Built Heritage Research Center

Technion’s Architectural Heritage Research Centre conducts research aimed at the study and documentation of Israel’s built environment. It serves both as a world-class research centre and as a guiding tool for architects and official planning bodies. The Research Centre is a tribute to the founders of Israeli architecture, to their contemporary followers, and to Israeli society at large.

The Centre major concerns are: preservation of cultural and historical heritage; urban renovation and regeneration; Israel’s architectural development; heritage of the Arab sector in Israel; architectural international relationships between Mediterranean and Middle East countries and its regional architecture and planning.

The Centre is multi-disciplinary in nature and national in scope, and is housed within the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. The core of its members includes experts from the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, as well as participants from other Technion Departments. The Architectural Heritage Research Centre also collaborates with other universities in Israel and abroad.