Arch. Ryan Pourati

Architect, a researcher, and an adjunct teacher at the MTRL at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion. He is the former head of design and production of the Technion formula team and autonomous simulation integration. Ryan has acquired his Bachelor's degree at the Technion, specializing in digital fabrication methods. During his Bachelor’s degree, he invented a fabrication method for generating thin-shelled structural elements using rotational casting with magnesium silico-phosphate cement. His research explores the potential of applying rotational casting methods in architecture using novel materials. Fellowship: The Azrieli Fellowship Program Teaching: Adjunct Teacher - Evaluative Tools in Architecture, 2nd-year mandatory undergraduate course lecture by Prof. Aaron Sprecher Adjunct Teacher - Observation Sampling and Representation 1, 1st-year mandatory undergraduate course lecture by Prof. Yasha Jacob Grobman Personal website:

Ryan Pourati