Dr. Guy Kagan

Postdoctoral student

Urban and Regional Planning Track

I began studying philosophy at the Open University (Israel). I obtained a bachelor's degree (B.A.) in humanities and social sciences; In this degree, I acquired knowledge in philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, history, art, and literature, in which I studies key aspects and challenges of life in the classical and the contemporary worlds. I then continued to study for a Master's degree (M.A.) in the Philosophy of Science and Rationality program at the University of Haifa (Israel). I completed my M.A. with a thesis on "Physicalism and Wigner's Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics." (supervised by Prof. Meir Hemmo).  Then, I went on to pursue my Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science with a thesis titled: "Searching for Φ (Phi) in the Physical World: Classical and Quantum Applications of Φ as a Physical Measure of Consciousness, and Physicalism". (supervised by Prof. Meir Hemmo). My main areas of interest are Philosophy of Physics (especially the conceptual foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics) Philosophy of Probability and Information, Philosophy of the Mind (including the science of consciousness), and Metaphysics. In recent years, I have also concentrated on Political Philosophy, particularly as it relates to perspectives of justice, equality, and inequality that have significance to private rights. I particularly work on an in-depth project on The Physical Aspect of Free Will.  This novel and challenging viewpoint characterizes concepts like "free will", "Neuro- Marketing", and "Neuro-Propaganda" in terms of Quantum Measurement-Induced Phase Transitions, which correspond to two distinct kinds of quantum measurements ("strong" and "weak"). I then apply the results of this conceptual framework to ethical questions involving agnates’ quantification of free will (action) and privacy rights. The research aim is to provide an integrated account of the phenomenological, epistemic, and ethical aspects of free will that are compatible with a reductive physicalist framework and explore its implications. Beyond dealing with this subject, I am also interested and engaged with other philosophical topics such as Philosophy of Education and more. In addition, I am a lecturer at Tel-Hai College, a thesis supervisor in the "Spirit Path" program, and write on various platforms about these topics. I strongly believe that there is truth, beauty and meaning in the universe as there are countries, memories, and numbers, but as a physicalist, I am committed to say that all these facts are nothing but physical facts. Publications: An argument against the physicalist interpretation of the Chalmers-McQueen IIT-based collapse model (in progress).

Guy Kagan