Dr. Diana Saadi

Postdoctoral student

Urban and Regional Planning Track

Diana Saadi is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, partially supported by the Fine Fellowship Trust. Diana earned his doctorate in Environment and Earth Sciences ,at Tel Aviv University the Porter School of Environment and Earth Sciences. Her PhD  new field direction that expand our knowledge on the impact of different urban environments on psychological (mood), physiological (HRV) and cognitive responses. The study is also unique in its in-depth exploration of ethnic differences - Jewish and Muslim women - in tackling environmental challenges in a variety of environments in the city. The main innovative features in Diana's research are the measurements of people's exposures to environmental stress on the subjects' bodies using compact sensors and not based on fixed stations, focusing on several stress factors integrated in the urban environment, focusing on ethnic differences between Arab and Jewish women. Diana also studied postdoctoral training at Tel Aviv University, the subject of Her study was: The effect of social, demographic and spatial variables on coronavirus spread in Israel. The goal of her present research is to further contribute to the understanding of the potential links between travel behavior and subjective wellbeing by examining differences in travel and travel's relationship to travel satisfaction and life satisfaction. We extend previous research by focusing on ethnic groups and generational differences. Understanding the relationship between travel and life satisfaction will give insights into ways of improving existing transport services and policies designed to better support people’s wellbeing.

Diana Saadi