Arch. Guy Shahar

Teaching Fellow

Architecture Track

A multidisciplinarian with an academic background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (BSc from Tel Aviv University), Geography (MA from the University of Haifa with honors) and Architecture (BArch from the Technion with honors). Worked for years in the high-tech industry, and gradually made a transition to the fields of environment, architecture and urban design. After being involved in a number of projects related to public space, he joined the Haifa Municipality's Department of Buildings and Sites Conservation, where he led a number of projects, including establishing GIS infrastructure for urban heritage, managing city heritage surveys and guiding planning and construction processes. Currently engaged in heritage surveys as part of planning processes. Founder of "Haifa Trail", author of the travel books "India and Nepal" and "China Diary", photographs and writes about our living environment in a multidisciplinary approach, and publishes on a personal blog, YouTube channel and social media. Personal website:

Guy Shahar