Arch. Jonathan Dortheimer

Teaching Fellow

Architecture Track

Jonathan Dortheimer is a postdoctoral researcher in the MTRL Lab at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning under the guidance of Prof. Aaron Sprecher and Wendy Wu of Cornell Tech. Jonathan's research in the field of human-computer interaction in architectural design.

His research focuses on crowdsourcing, open-source and collective intelligence in architectural design. His current research deals with the synthesis of artificial intelligence in human architectural design processes. As part of the research, Jonathan develops new technologies and studies them through experiments and qualitative research methods to learn the relationship between humans and computers.

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur who has established several start-up companies: Meirim - a system for transparency and public participation in urban planning; CTwiz - a system for real estate market analysis PhotoParty - photo-sharing apps in collaboration with Intel; Fanzila - a company that provided social-media advertising technologies; Cafe TheMarker - the social network of Haaretz group; Dex - the first social network in Israel; and Gamer - the first gaming site in Israel.

Jonathan Dortheimer