Dr. David Weinreich

Dr. Weinreich’s research forges new ground in the transportation literature, understanding the roles that governance and finance institutions play in public transportation services, disability transportation, and land use around transit stations. Dr. Weinreich’s research has looked at structural causes and solutions for service gaps and cross-jurisdictional fragmentation. Dr. Weinreich has been the Principal Investigator of three US Department of Transportation-funded projects, including national studies of transit governance in the United States and a project on governance and funding decisions for toll roads. Dr. Weinreich’s research has helped lead the transportation field in new directions, examining specific institutional challenges for using app-based, on-demand technologies (like those used in Uber) feeder services to public transit routes. Dr. Weinreich also led a national study quantifying the level of fragmentation in governance of public transit systems in the largest 200 metro regions in the United States, collecting primary data on cross-jurisdictional governance institutions that facilitate the provision of transit services across jurisdictional boundaries. This was the first national and systematic analysis of jurisdictional fragmentation of US public transit systems, creating a dataset that covers over 12,500 local municipalities.

David Weinreich