• Tamir Arviv

    Dr. Tamir Arviv completed his PhD in Planning at the University of Toronto. In his postdoctoral research, under the supervision of Dr. Efrat Eizenberg, He employs qualitative research methods to... Read More

  • Nir Barak

    Nir Barak received his Ph.D. from the department of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; his training is in urban politics, environmental politics, and political theory. His current... Read More

  • Shelly Cohen

    Dr. Shelly Cohen (BA, M. Arch., MA, PhD) is a researcher, curator and architect. Her work focuses on the social and political dimensions of architecture. Her post-doctorate research, supervised by... Read More

  • Kartikeya Date

    Kartikeya Date is an architect from Bombay, India. He completed his Ph.D. in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley. His research is concerned with role of computing in architectural representation... Read More

  • John Pritchard

    I am interested in the social and environmental impacts of urban transportation policy. I am currently working on comparing accessibility patterns in a set of US metropolitan areas to help... Read More

  • Mor Shilon

    Mor Shilon is a trained sociologist (M.A.) and an urban planner (PhD) specialized in urban theories, sociology of space, and technologies. In her research she draws on innovative relational approaches... Read More

  • Anna Zanchetta

    Anna has a PhD in Geomatics from the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering at Bologna University, Italy.

    She is currently working with Karel Martens on a project of Transport... Read More