Photography Lab


The photography laboratory serves the faculty of architecture for over 40 years.

Between 1978 and 2004 the laboratory was run by the photographer Mrs. Drora Spitz.

Today the laboratory operates under the supervision of the photographer Mr. Haim Singer aided by student-assistants specially trained.


The Objective

To instruct and educate students in using photography in their work, on both technical and artistic aspects;

To provide the academic staff with help in their lecturing and research.


The photography laboratory provides:

  • A studio equipped with facilities to take photographs of models, 3-D design and posters (on either digital or film media).
  • In addition, the entrance hall to the laboratory serves as an external studio for uninterrupted independent work.
  • A Computerized Scanning Terminal:  A terminal for professional scanning of slides and negatives, and for photograph processing using Photoshop software.
  • A colour plotter, Epson 4800, allowing quality printing with a width of up to 40cm.
  • Video editing room with PREMIERE, AFTER EFFECTS and PHOTOSHOP software.



The gallery was constructed in order to allow outstanding students first exposure.

Twice a year the gallery hosts contests where chosen works are presented on an exhibition, and excelling works are awarded prices.

Several courses – e.g. Basic Design and Special Projects – are available to students who choose to express themselves artistically through photography. The laboratory offers such students guidance and their final works are presented in the gallery.


Administration and Registration

Every student is allowed to photograph a model once a month;

Appointments are scheduled manually during the Lab’s hours of operation.

A student who did not show up at the appointed time set for the photography session loses the queue for that month.

When using digital photography a medium for storing the files – a CD or a Disk-on-Key – must be provided.


The Laboratory is located on the first floor, room 108.  It is open Sunday-Thursday.

Tel. 04-8294014