Industrial relations

The Architecture and Town Planning Affiliates Program – ARAP

The Architecture and Town Planning Affiliates Program (ARAP) is dedicated to the creation of mutual cooperation between academia and leading industrial companies in Israel and worldwide. We believe that by establishing strong long-term relations between academia and industry we can promote mutually important values focusing on knowledge, development, innovation, leadership and excellence. The Program was established in 2013. The ARAP stimulates and supports the mutual needs of business, industry and academia in applied research & development, teaching, human resources, public relations and advertising.


Research and Development:

  • Interact Professionally with Faculty Researchers.
  • Students’ Final Project Course: subject proposals and assistant mentors provided by firm for special student projects.
  • Perform Joint Projects: with research centers and labs.
  • Use faculty resources – Fabrication Lab, Visualization Lab, GIS Lab, Climate and Energy Lab, Experimental art and architecture Lab.
  • Identify Partners for Joint Research Proposals: to the Chief Scientist and European Community.


  • Workshops, Seminars & Guest Lectures: presented within the faculty by representatives of suitable firms.
  • Student competition themes by firm.
  • Mini Courses, Seminars, Summer Courses and Professional Graduate Programs: presented within the faculty by Faculty Researchers to firms’ employees.
  • Free Auditor: Option for firms’ employees to choose specified faculty courses.
  • Industrial Advisory Board: held once or twice a year to discuss teaching programs, researches, labs and faculty equipment.
  • Library Services: Limited.
  • Guided Tours: Opportunity for students to have a guided tour at the firms’ facilities.

Human Resources:

  • Classified ads distribution by direct mailing, faculty monthly newsletter, faculty website and bulletin boards and plasmas.
  • Announcements via professional conferences, seminars, awards, scholarships and recruiting days.
  • Student Employment during summer projects and hosting summer interns.