How can technology help create more equitable cities? Critical Technologies: Urban Tech for Social Impact

A Collaborative Symposium of the Urban Tech Hub at Cornell Tech, Cornell University, and the Technion's Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning


The ongoing pandemic has highlighted long-standing social inequalities. These inequities have manifested themselves in various ways and along multiple fracture lines (e.g. race and ethnicity, class, and disability). Despite mounting inequality, and a growing body of evidence of its negative consequences, big barriers remain to understanding how these complex social issues and planning processes connect. There is a growing need for effective, technology-based, spatial tools to understand the mechanisms that create and distribute disparities through the city.

This conference will focus on the spatial dimensions of inequality in cities and will explore ways for technology to promote more equitable cities. We will bring together academic researchers from Cornell University, Cornell Tech, and the Technion, with practitioners from both NYC and Tel Aviv Planning Departments. 

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