Rethinking urban geography and planning through COVID-19

International workshop


The coronavirus pandemic introduced new urban realities; it changed how people experience the urban environment, their practices, their social interactions, and their needs and expectations. It also transformed urban spaces; some more organically, as a result of mundane practices and some by means of municipal intervention. We know that different places were differently affected by the pandemic as were different groups. The pandemic also transformed, even if temporarily, urban infrastructure and systems, granting a new look on their strengths and failures. Overall, this extreme situation problematizes many conventions that hitherto guided both urban research and professional practices.

This workshop brings together urban thinkers in an organized debate on possible trajectories of theory (or research) and practice that ought to emerge from this experience. We will discuss what we have learned about the world and our own research and practice in several key aspects of urban geography and planning. The international group of panelists will present the possible new research topics, research questions, and research lenses in urban geography and planning disciplines that surfaced and became prominent in the year-long crisis of a global pandemic.

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