Hadar Rothschild Antman : Physical Diversity and the City- Diversity’s Physical Characteristics Evaluation in City Plans

seminar lecture


Advisors: Dr. Dalit Shach-Pinsly, Associate Prof. Pnina Plaut

Urban Diversity, described as “one of the chief assets of a desirable city”, has the potential to strengthen and contribute to various city aspects, such as economic, social and others. On the other hand, accelerated construction in Israel has spawned neighborhoods with homogeneous characteristics, such as building typology, density, uses, etc. The clash between homogeneous construction and the praising discourse regarding urban diversity, led by urban planning practitioners and researchers, shows the dissonance that exists between the two.
This study raises the need to define parameters for an objective assessment and measurement of physical expressions of diversity in urban planning. The methodology is based on theoretical and practical sources: literature survey and in-depth interviews with leading urban planners in Israel, and includes: Identification and characterization of parameters for physical diversity; Classification into thematic ‘clusters’; and conclusions from the weighted analysis of the use of parameters, which may also allow an examination of physical diversity alongside demographic diversity.

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