Thank you for your interest in undertaking your studies at the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning! 

Our  faculty  offers  a unique  framework; combining  professional training for  future architects, landscape architects, urban and regional planners and industrial designers, with forward-thinking academic research in those fields.

At present, the faculty provides the following academic programs: Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Undergraduate (Bachelor) level; Architecture and Town Planning, Urban and Regional Planning and Industrial Design at Graduate level (Master).

Each year, we accept students of the highest calibre from across Israel and abroad. Our goal is to train professionals who, besides possessing a high level of technological skill and creativity, have a high consciousness of the values of culture, environment and societal needs.  As such, our study programs emphasize not only the design-related aspects of the built environmet fields, but also the environmental, socio-cultural, economic, psychological and legal issues associated with human intervention in the physical environment.

Teaching within the faculty is unique across Israel’s built environment programs, in that our academic staff include a combination of world-renowned scholars in many fields and well-known practitioners from Israel’s architectural sphere.  This combination continues to enable us to train generations of practitioners and researchers who are leaders in their disciplines, in Israel and around the world.

The Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning promotes learning and knowledge-creation through the utilization of the many and various resources offered by the Technion.  Students may take courses from the pool offered by other Technion faculties in a wide range of fields.  In addition, we encourage and promote co-operative and interdisciplinary research projects, in the interest of scientific and technological advancement.


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