Landscape Architecture (B.L.A)


The program in Landscape Architecture is grounded in a comprehensive approach to planning the physical sphere, with an emphasis on its ecological, cultural and social aspects.  This comes from a desire to create new spaces, as well as to preserve and rehabilitate existing spaces forpeople as individuals and as part of society; and overall concern for the environment.

The undergraduate studies are designed to give graduates theoretical and professional knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, as is necessary for his training as a planner and designer of the physical environment.

The academic program is built on a series of planning studios, in which students address issues central to the work of landscape architects (urban design and planning, development and preservation of open spaces, planning of infrastructure and more).  In parallel, students study foundation courses in in natural and social sciences, humanities, such as Introduction to Ecology, Ground Theory, Cultural History, Sociology and Psychology for Planners.

The program, being in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, provides the students with access to courses in the Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning programs, as well as courses in the field of environmental engineering.

The academic program in the Landscape Architecture track is based on five fields of knowledge:

  • Design and planning
  • Theory and history
  • Engineering design
  • Plant identification and the use of vegetation in design and landscape architecture
  • Planning and management of environmental resources and the landscape

In addition to the regular undergraduate program, the faculty offers a program of specialization which combines landscape architecture and urban planning – ‘NofArim’.  Details of that program are available here.

Information on registration, scholarships and admission to the Technion.

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