Faculty Research

Research activities are central in the life of faculty members and graduate students in our faculty.

Research, disciplinary and multi-disciplinary, is carried out by individual faculty members and their students and by groups organized as centers and labs. Some centers include members from other faculties at the Technion and from other universities. The research activities are funded by grants from various Israeli and international organizations. The leading funding sources include the Israel Science Foundation, the European Commission, including the European Research Council, The German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) and by grants from the joint Lower Saxony and Technion Fund. Results of the research activities are published in leading scientific, international journals, books, research reports and occasional papers published by the centers and labs.


List of graduate  students theses since 1990, that can be sorted by faculty, name and advisor's name, along with a summary of all the thesis,can be found at  the Technion's Graduate School website at the following link, from this site it's also possible to access the full text of thesis from recent years.



Click here for a list of research fields which are encompassed through the work of current staff and research centers of the Faculty.


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Research centers and laboratories in the faculty (click on the relevant image to learn more):


 Center for Architectural Research and Development (CARD)

 Social Hub for
Community & Housing

 Architectural Heritage Research Center

Center for Urban And Regional Studies (CURS)