Meirav Aharon


Segoe 504

Urban Sociologist, Fulbright and Marie Curie award scholar. Head of a Research Group, Mediterranean Urbanism, Bottom-up Research, Van Leer Institute. Research fellow at the “Designing Safer Urban Spaces (DESURBS)” FP7 EU.


Field of interest:

Urban sociology, Ethnicity and multiculturalism critic, Social mobility, Ethnography in cities, Cities of immigration, Aging in\and cities (aging in place), Med-cities (Mediterranean urbanism) Terror and cities (safe cities), Intergenerational housing


Among her publications:

"The Day The Sun Rises in the West - Ethnography of a Peace Process" International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society

 "“It will be quiet enough when we’re dead – now is the time to live”: Between planning the modern city and living in it",  Planning Theory and Practice

" “Just like democracy": ethnography of real-politic in a city of immigrants",  Journal of Levantine Studies

"Riding the Culture Train: Ethnography of a Plan for Social Mobility through Music", Cultural Sociology

 "Iron cage of ethnicity: Ethnic Urban Enclaves and the challenge of urban design", Urban Design international



In 2010 her documentary (together with David Noy (Cinemax Production)"Fine Tuning: A war musical movie" was broadcast in Channel 1 Israeli TV. Presented at RAI Film Festival, Royal Anthropological Institute London (June 2011).

For more information:

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